At first glance signing to a record label might seem daunting but joining a label can be beneficial in many ways including having a professional team working hard for you behind the scenes and every good artist needs a good team.

As an independent artist it’s difficult to build your own music studio and not everybody with talent has the ability to write or record music. Most successful artists have a team of people doing various jobs including producing and writing music, creating content to help grow your social media’s and being able to freely distribute your music across the world taking some of the pressure off your shoulders.

Our tracks are released on every major music platform including Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music even Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook and much more.

Our team is dedicated to giving you the best services including.

  • Beat Production.

  • Producers / Engineers.

  • Shakra Recording Studio.

  • Song Mastering.

  • Social Media.

  • Marketing & Promotion.

  • Artist Development.

Our artist roster is slowly growing and we like to work close alongside each client to help them achieve a career in music.




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