Our journey so far

Back in early 2019 we have been helping new rappers in the city of Hull and building a local Record Label which is focused on Rap, Hip Hop, Trap music style.

The label was originally set up to help and support my son with his music career and as a father I wanted to help him work towards his dream, so we got to work and built a basic studio in our home and started to learn production every single day till we was able create our own music and record vocals and still we still study it now.

We have gradually got better at it and developed the skills to be able to make tracks at home anytime we want and also setting up a record label it enabled us to release songs on all major music platforms like Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, Tidal even Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook and around 150 music sites worldwide.

Staying humble and learning the ropes ourselves I realised that there wasn’t much help for rappers in the city with all this new hip hop and rap music coming out today, after releasing our own tracks consistently, working hard and dedicating all our time and money into the music and see it starting to grow online we decided to help other artists in the city by offering them our skills in the studio and the fact that we now own a small record label we can help them out in many ways.

Growing as a Label

Our artist roster is slowly growing and we like to work close alongside each client to help them achieve a career in music.

Just recently we have been working with new artists and just in the last 2 weeks have probably made around 10 tracks and are finally starting to move forward very fast with our current artists and new ones. In a short Space of time we have grown from one artist to a full roster of fresh new up coming talent from the city, we are aiming to get on the bigger channels and won’t stop till we do!! Now currently in the process of making a bunch of professional music videos with Joey Aitchison JWA Creations our passion and dedication is strong and with Joey we know the videos are gonna be NEXT LEVEL myself and our team are fully on this daily.

Now in our second year myself and Cameo Brooks and heading our Label into the future with heaps of new tracks and determination.




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